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Because I'm high on painkillers, and because I have NO SHAME, I hereby present:

The Sex Pollen Challenge.

The idea behind it: Hey, I bet Poison Ivy could make sex pollen. And, like, blast people with it and cause them to have random sex with other people. Yeah, that works.

The rules:

1) Sex.

2) Sex.

3) Um... sex.

Bonus points awarded for:

1) Batcest. (oh, like you didn't see this coming?)

2) Non-standard use of superhero vehicles. (The Javelin, the Batmobile, the Flashmobile)

3) Shameless sex jokes. Dick jokes, especially, are prized.

Wriiiite it. Wriiiiiiite it.

And then come tell me about it. :D

And hey, I don't mind if people want to use this to write fic for other fandoms -- I *like* aphrodesiac fic. :D
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